A place for the descendants of Helen McFarland Woodbridge to gather, since 1933. This is a family website and most features require a login to access.

a fire pit in a field
The new bonfire ring, donated by Pat Woodbridge
a rock inscribed with the words wind hill farm in black letters
An engraved stone, bearing the stylized logo of Wind Hill Farm
a white farmhouse with wood shed, seen from across a green lawn
The farmhouse in late spring, as seen from across the front lawn.

Our History

a page out of an old notebook

Wind Hill Farm was purchased in 1933 by Joseph Lester Woodbridge as a summer place for Helen McFarland Woodbridge and Donald Woodbridge to take their family.

Their five children enjoyed summers in Vermont and subsequently brought their families to the farm later for summers, weekends and holidays. Many of us continue the tradition to the extent our busy lives allow.

The farm was left in trust from Helen to her children, so that it could continue to serve as a place for family for future generations. Over the years, her descendants have maintained and funded the farm, in the hope that future generations can continue to create memories.

Our Present

Today, that trust has been changed into a family corporation, Woodbridge Farm Inc, who's purpose is to own and maintain the farm indefinitely. All corporate shareholders are direct descendants of Helen McFarland Woodbridge.

Currently, Woodbridge Farm Inc has 24,000 shares of common stock, split between members of the family. Decisions are made by voting shares to elect a Board of Directors to manage the farm. The board appoints a slate of corporate officers to carry out the farm's business.