Picture of Windhill Farm


History of Wind Hill Farm

August 19th 1933 - !DISCOVERY!

We wanted a farm for our summer vacations, where we could have lots of room to run about and make noise, and a cow and chickens, and other animals! A real farm, with a garden for peas and carrots, corn and lettuce, and "bean vines seven"! We needed a stream for fishing and wading, and mountains nearby where we could see them, and climb them. We wanted a good house, big enough for everyone, and woods nearby, with trails and sugar maple trees and pine trees, for sugar and open fires.

Mr. Martin, of Newfane, Vt. knew of some farms and took us to see them. When we found this house on the Finn Road near Bondville, we recognized it as home, and telegraphed to the Senior Woodbridges, who liked the idea, so we now have a farm.  ...

And so starts the legacy of Wind Hill Farm. Read more in The Farm Book, a pictorial history of Wind Hill Farm.


As we are descendants of many generations of thrifty New Englanders, we have handed down many photographs, letters, manuscripts, journals, and keep sakes, furniture etc. Currently much of this has found its way to Carol and Eliot Woodbridge and is now in my position. I have been scanning photos, and various members of the family have been transcribing paper documents into digital form. Our goal as always has been to preserve these for future generations. But age takes its toll on these and without proper handling and preservation they are turning to dust. Hence our effort to scan and transcribe as much as we can. It is becoming more evident that we need to hand off much of the originals to appropriate Historical Societies for preservation and long term maintenance.

To the end, Ginger Laplante, has established a Grim, McFarland, Woodbridge Family Collection at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania with the idea that it be the repository of any family papers, transcripts of same, photographs, letters and so forth should the time come that they may be no longer wanted by family members. Please check first with Stephen Woodbridge as he is the current family archivist and needs to be apprised of what you have that might be going there.

These kinds of materials are of general interest as they provide a window into the lives of ordinary people in the past. It is not advisable to try and sort throught such materials and try to determine which might be of interest. Let the archives do that as what should be kept is not always apparent.

Our family is of special interest as they lived in Philadelphia and its suburbs for five generations, from the early 1800s through much of the lives of several of Helen Woodbridge's children.

The collection presently (Nov 2012) contains a copy of Joseph McFarland's Recollections & Experiences and Dear Ghosts, and transcripts of: Letters to Susan, Susan & Joe McFarland's joint diary & Events of a Widow's Life, Katharine & Helen's Wonderful Adventure, Helen Woodbridge's I, Myself & Me, and Windy Brow.

Anyone wishing to contribute family materials to the collection should send them to:

Director of Archives
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1300 Locust St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5699

With direction that they are to be added to: The Grim, McFarland, Woodbridge Family Collection.

It would be advisable for those having family materials which they wish to keep, to put a note in them that they are to go to the collection if and when they are no longer wanted.

Too many family papers, diaries, documents and pictures have been sent to the dump when they ended up in the hands of those for whom they have no interest. Lets make sure that does not happen to our family history.

As an additional note, we have also given some family memorabilia that was related to Nantucket families to the Nantucket Historical Society. If you have documents and/or photos and you are not sure please contact me, Stephen Woodbridge.