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Let's Fix the Farm Pond

Announcing the Farm Pond Renewal Project !!!
By Vice Pres. Kathy Woodbridge Ives

In the last edition of the Wind Hill Farm News, it was suggested by President Dudley Woodbridge that the next farm fundraiser might be work on the farm pond. Several family members have approached Dudley and requested that something be done to fix the ponds. The ponds currently are barely swimmable because they have slowly filled in over the years and now we have an invasion of cattails. Most of the projects at the farm are important maintenance issues, but we decided that doing a project for everyone’s enjoyment would be terrific! So with the board’s approval, here we go!

In October 2008 we received via John Mendenhall an estimate from LTD &Sons Property Maintenance for combining enlarging and deepening the two farm ponds below the sauna. The estimate is very detailed as to what exactly would be done. Included in the estimate was pumping water out of both ponds, cutting down any trees as needed, digging up the existing dam, removing all muck from bottom and sides of ponds, removing area between existing ponds, putting in silt fabric and lining with 6 yards of stone, and grading and shaping area around new pond. Finally, the area would be reseeded with 150 bales of hay & 200 pounds of grass seed. All labor and equipment including an excavator, dump truck, skidsteer, bulldozer and hay chopper are included. This will be a huge job. We will hire out all of this part of the project. The estimate is for $22,710.

Read more about the project in this issue of the Wind Hill News.

Please make your check payable to Woodbridge Farm, Inc. (NOT Wind Hill Farm) and mail it to Woodbridge Farm, Inc. c/o Sam Bledsoe, 1618 W. Columbia Ave #3S, Chicago, IL 60626. Let’s rebuild the farm pond so we can continue to build memories!